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Beyond Life client statement

"Every goal I achieve
helps me move forward
- feeling secure"

Kiran Raul
CFP Beyond Life

"More than preparing the plan
I spend a lot of time making sure my
client fully understands the plan.
It's a long-term partnership."

Ameet Paradkar,
CFP Beyond Life

"My aim is to help my clients
reach a milestone however big or small.
Help them move forward."

Beyond Life client statement

"In just one year, I have managed to
make informed financial decisions.
Now I know which way to go. "

Most of us have dreams and goals, milestones we want to achieve and responsibilities that we want to fulfil to the best of our ability.

As we go through life, and its various stages, financial planning is one aspect that is most essential. And somehow most neglected.

The planning process starts with a no-obligations introductory meeting with the Financial Planner. READ MORE.

These are the inputs for the creation of a financial plan that is uniquely tailor-made for you. READ MORE.

The financial plan document is a very detailed and comprehensive document that assesses your capabilities and then draws up a plan for you to reach your goal. READ MORE.

For us, it’s a commitment, that does not necessarily end with one milestone. READ MORE.

At Beyond Life, we believe that every little goal or dream that we have can do with some planning. Planning that makes the goal achievable and gives you the peace of mind that can go along with it. It could be planning for retirement. Your children’s education. Buying a new home. Or your next international holiday. If it is important to you it is important to us, and it is important to plan for.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions regarding financial planning chances are they are addressed below. If not, feel free to write to and we will be happy to connect.

Is financial planning only for the wealthy?

This unfortunately is a common misconception. In our experience only those who have a plan can hope to be rich and achieve their goals comfortably. Which is why, the earlier you start with a financial plan the more confident you are for the future. In effect, if you have a financial goal, a plan to reach makes it more achievable. We can help you here.

I am only 25, still in my first job, do I need financial planning?

Financial planning helps you get clarity and confidence in your financial goals. A certified financial planner (like one from Beyond Life) also bring in professionalism, competence and rigor to the exercise. It’s like having an objective guide to steer you in the right direction. Your individual plan also gives you a structure for all future financial decisions that you will need to make.

I am 50 and nearing retirement. Is it too late for financial planning?

Retirement is the most critical juncture in life. It’s very important to ensure a steady stream of income to help you manage your expenses, while your salaried income has stopped. There’s also a fine balance to ensure your savings grow at steady rate so that you do not exhaust your retirement kitty.

A financial planner can help you direct your savings in the most appropriate savings instruments.

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