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Our Approach

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Our Approach

by beyondlife


We believe that a simple approach followed with discipline is key to achieving one’s objectives. The simple approach is not necessarily simplistic in nature. The relationship manager is harnessing his education, experience and the combined knowledge pool in our company to serve you. A simple approach may look and sound boring but time and again it has been proven to be the one approach that actually works.


Our relationship managers have cleared the Certified Financial Planners exam. The AMFI regulations for mutual fund distributors mandates only the NISM-VA examination as a necessary qualification, however our team has chosen to also equip itself with the CFP (Certified Financial Planner) certification. The team is also constantly upgrading itself through additional certifications, industry seminars, regular reviews with fund managers, reading and our monthly masterclass sessions. The team masterclass sessions are where a member of the team takes deep dive into a topic and makes a presentation to the entire team around which we have a discussion. We also invite specialists from different fields to address the team in these monthly sessions. This keeps the team updated on the subject and each one benefits from the learning.


Along with the right qualifications our team of relationship managers have experiences in very diverse fields. This mix of equity market specialists, engineers, MBAs, masters in nuclear physics, equity research analysts bring with them a collective experience of over a hundred years. We consider this cross functional approach to be one of our key strengths and each member brings a very different perspective which adds to the richness of our team conversations and learning within the team.

Suitability and Appropriateness

All the above qualities uniquely enable us to bring to you the set of funds that are most appropriate for your financial needs. Client interest is paramount in all our considerations as you will only choose to work with us if we are working in your interest.

Technology Enablers
  • Salesforce – best in class CRM platform

Salesforce allows us to securely manage all aspects of our client relationship and deliver a great experience. Salesforce.com is the world’s #1 CRM platform which enables us to seamlessly communicate with clients and collaborate within the team. Your RM will be happy to show you how we use the system to serve you better.

  • Ace-MF & Morningstar – best in class mutual fund analysis tools

Both tools are the leading software for data analysis on mutual funds.

We are always looking to deploy the latest technology tools that give our team the leading edge in terms of knowledge, efficiency and improved customer service to clients. Our focus on technology tools enabled us to provide uninterrupted service to clients even during the harsh lockdowns.