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How we work

by beyondlife

Your financial objectives are the starting point for us to create the suitability report for you. The suitability report is a document which summarises your financial objectives and our suggestions on suitable financial products to help you achive your goals within the time frame. The RM will walk you through the entire proposal and explain in detail all the workings. Once you are satisfied with the approach we help you execute and monitor the plan. The RM will set up regular meetings with you to update you on the progress and take into account any changes in your objectives. This ensures that your investments and financial objectives are always aligned.

Setting the sights

You can request for a no-obligations introductory meeting with one of our relationship managers. This can be done via a video call as per your convenience. This meeting allows us to get an insight into your needs and you get to know how we work.

Charting the course

Once you have shared your financial objectives like children’s education, saving for your retirement, home purchase, etc. and other information the relationship manager will present a suitability report for your consideration. The RM will take you through the proposal and explain how it is appropriate to your needs. The suitability report will cover mutual funds life insurance, medical insurance, portfolio management services, based on your requirements.

Sails away

Once you agree to the proposal our operations teams takes over the execution responsibility and executes the transactions agreed by you.

With you all the way

Regularly reviewing your investments is important. The suitability report and the associated investments must be reviewed periodically. It also allows you the opportunity to take stock of your current investments and changes to any of your financial objectives. Your RM will give a status update on your investments and suggest any course corrections if required.