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How we work

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How we work

by beyondlife
The Beyond Life financial planning process is a holistic and in-depth exercise that requires time and energy commitment from both sides.

While simple, the frank and open interaction between you and your planner is key to creating a customized plan. This roadmap is singularly designed to help you achieve your goals keeping in mind your needs, requirements and life stage. We can make it work for you.

Setting the sights

The planning process starts with a no-obligations introductory meeting with the Financial Planner. This is set at your convenience and is always in person at the location of your choice. This allows us to get an initial insight into your needs and gives you an understanding into how the process will work going forward.

Charting a course

The process starts with a detailed meeting (ideally with the entire family) to understand you, set goals and timelines, assess your current income and expenses, your current investments, insurance policies as also your own understanding of various financial products and your risk appetite. These are the necessary inputs for the creation of a financial plan that is uniquely tailor-made for you.

The Navigation Plan

The financial plan is a comprehensive document that shows you the current financial position and the road map. An investment plan is developed to identify the avenues to invest your money like mutual funds, fixed deposits, etc.  Every goal also has a detailed cash-flow statement showing the stages at which you will be investing and when the money will be available. The planner will explain the plan in detail to you. Once you agree on the plan we move towards implementing it.

With you all the way

Just implementation is not enough. The financial plan is a live document that must be reviewed periodically. Half yearly reviews are scheduled to update you on the progress. The review is also a time to take stock of any changes in your family/life situations and/or your changing aspirations. The planner will present a status update on your goals and recommend any course corrections, if required. A regular contact is maintained and complete transparency observed through the course of the relationship. Reaching one goal always helps you set off for another. For us, it’s a commitment, that does not necessarily end with one milestone. We are with you all the way.